Installation Instructions

MasterGuard Hub Kit 7A and 7S

Rev. 2002


CAUTION:  Before servicing propeller, be sure the engine is in neutral with ignition off or disconnected to avoid any possibility of the engine starting and causing injury.

CAUTION:  Do not install any propeller without a thrust washer in place.  If a thrust washer is not used, severe damage could occur to the propeller and/or engine.  If you see a tapered surface toward the engine end of the prop shaft, the thrust washer is not in place on the shaft.  Your thrust washer may adhere to the front of your old prop when removed.

If you have any questions, please contact your Dealer or call our Customer Service Department.


Suzuki DF90/DF115/DF140 4 stroke and Suzuki V6 DT150-DT225 2 stroke


1.)       Suzuki DF90/115/140 4 stroke:  Replace your original OEM thrust washer with Turning Point thrust washer #SU-115 included in the kit.  You may have to tap on the side to loosen the thrust washer.

Suzuki DT150-DT225:  Make sure your original OEM thrust washer is on the prop shaft with the tapered end in first to match the tapered surface of the prop shaft. 

Caution: Do not install any propeller without the thrust washer in place.  Note: Your original thrust washer may adhere to the front of old prop when removed. 

2.)       Clean and grease the splines of the prop shaft.

3.)       Slide the hub on the prop shaft with the small end of the keys facing away from the engine.  Grease the keys on the hub.  Greasing the keys makes future removal of the propeller housing easier.

4.)       Align the keyways in the propeller housing with keys on the hub.  Slide the propeller housing onto the hub.

5.)       Place the SW-BASE ring onto the end of the keyways then seat the splined Spider Washer Cap into the SW-BASE.  Note: the splines of spider washer cap should lock on to the prop shaft splines so the spider washer cap does not turn.

Note: Suzuki DT150-DT225: install #SU-11 brass spacer included in the kit before the locking nut.


6.)       Install the Locking Nut and tighten to 55 ft.-lb.  Reinstall Cotter Pin and bend ends.  Or consult your Engine Owner’s Manual for proper prop nut torque and fit specifications.

7.)       Rotate Prop in neutral by hand to make sure the blades do not strike the trim tab and anti- ventilation plate. 

NOTE:  Locking Nut should be checked for tightness every 20 hours of operation.



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